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With all the warm water here in Milwaukee getting out deep to find the fish can be a little tricky , My son nick and I went out tonight and were bumped around for the first 2 hours, We were out on Wednesday and the water was very warm top to bottom. Still managed to pick up one king that night just a shosh under 20#. Back to today the waters have changed again this time being colder than Wednesday. Found 48 degree water down 60 ft out in 140. On our way out to the deeper water we had a rip that took out 200 ft of line then ran full speed at the boat til it came off. Reset the rigger and 15 minutes later Nicks got a nice 10lb king. Then it was quite for a while until the same rod goes off again ripping just like the first one but this time its not running at the boat its running for the bottom. 35 minutes later and lots of grunting Nick nets the biggest fish this year. 22# king. ( the last 2 fish I brought in took over an hour together to bring in ) .




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The 2 fish that were at or above 20 lbs came almost at the same time of day, 7:30 pm yesterday and 710 on Wednesday.

Yesterday it was light when I started fighting the brute and dark when we were able to pull lines and run in. Both fish came over 100 ft . Last night we were in 140 , and Wednesday we were in 110. As you can see by the picture this fish looked like he had seen better days. Darkest fish I have caught, meat was still good and red though.

Going on the smoker this week.

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