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Just got home from another good trip to ludville. We fished tues. evening just for about 2 hrs as we didn't get into town til late. Ended going 1 for3. Can't remember all the details. But we ended the trip going 30 for about 42. Took alot of fish on the low divers at 110 ft. back on a Big Weenie meat rig and several fish on the high diver set up at 225 back with the big Weenie rubber poofster in the uv and also the glow after dark. Another spoon that continues to shine for me is the ss wallmart, it is a black blade with a white center and an eye on it. It has been consistently taking fish 115 down on the riggers with fixed and free sliders of the same spoon. Wallmart took quite a few fish early instead the evening for us between 6-730. Then we would switch to the glow program. Another stand out was the bb spin dr. With a Big Weenie butter buns fly. This was my last trip up for the year and since the 23rd of july till today we took 5lakers,4 steelies, 6 ho's, and approx. 50 kings. Our largest king of the year fir us was 21 3/4 lbs. We fished approx. 18 trips in that time frame with four of those trips being less than an hour long due to weather.

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