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Ludington 8-16 to 8-18

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Fished Ludington the last few days. Water was super cold up close after the big N blow on sunday. Didnt have much luck at all in tight so we headed offshore and it paid off. Took 34 fish out there and lost a dozen more. Mostly a coho dominated catch with some kings and steel mixed in. Beautiful coho too, running 6-10#. Had allot of fun with my mom and dad catching fish.:thumb:

Heres what worked for the three days:

Riggers 28,40,50,55,60,75,90,100

Blood Run 32# Copper 200,250,300

Blood Run Wire Highs 120-130 Lows 85-100

Lead core 2,3,5


Mod Blue Dolphin-HOT 60 down rigger

Blue Dolphin Glow back-Hot 60' down rigger

Hot Michigan Dolphin

Green Dolphin Hot fixed 12' above ball

Carmel Dolphin

NBK-HOT 5 color

Green Glow Froggy

Grave Digger-HOT 250 Copper

Green Jeans

PK Special

Orange Glow Easter Egg

Fireball w/Earrings


Lemon Ice

Bloody Nose

Beef Eater

Super Screw

Pearl Yellowtail Hot 45 and 75' down

BTI Blue Bubble w/matching meat rig on lows

12" John King X Glow Yellow Tail w/matching meat rig on highs











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Great catch and pics, I've seen your boat up here before. Now I'll know it's you Adam.

I can tell you thats the second trip to Ludington this year adn thats the second member of this site to say they seen that boat.:lol:

Coho is tasting mighty good right now!:thumb:

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Yeah, it was a great time with my mom and dad as always. My mom had me rolling complaining about "those damn copper lines" with angry fish on them. I told her to quit whining and keep reeling, she can take a break when the fish is in the boat...Her response, i brought you into this world, i can take you out too!!!...LMAO

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