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Fished this a.m. and went 4 for 4 with two big four yr olds and two lakers. Big Weenie once again was the best. First king came on a blue crush spin dr. With a big Weenie butter buns fly 105 back on the low diver. #2 came on a Big Weenie rubber poofster 225 back on the high diver. We fished 120the fow till 930we then went out to 340 fow and only got a laker 70 down on a Ss bone bender.

Tonight we went back to the north and set up in 7010 fow out front of epworth and fished to the north. Took #1 a 18 king on a wallmart 55 down. #2 came on a Big Weenie rubber poofster as stated above a 21Big lb king. #3 was a 10 lb. King on a glow frog 55 down.#5 big Weenie strikes again this time 110 back on the high diver. #6 was a 22lb. King on a full core with a moonshine martini. Don't remember #4. We finished tonight 6 for 86 the two misses came unbuttoned on the Big Weenie rubber poofster one at 225 back and the other at 115 back. So far we are 25 for about 33 in five trips.

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