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Set lines at 5:30 in 105 FOW and took a quick hit on a Mixed Veggies on a 300' Blood Run 32lb copper, 6lb king. Next 5 came on J-Plugs 60-70 down on downriggers and dipsy. Blue/Chrome, Pink/Silver/ Chrome with Black dots, and a Green Ladder back. Ended 6 for 9 with 5 kings and a steel. Kings were 15.5, 17.75 18.9, 6, and 18.3

Lake was flat, bait were plentifal and so were the boats. Want to give a shout out to NEE-HI for the help and a congrats to Flyman. First trip for me in 4 weeks and had a 6 week dry spell prior so it was a good night to kick off fishing again.

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Nice job, we went 4 for 7 last night in south haven. Thanks to whomever it was that let me use their knife at the cleaning station. My father-in-law bought me a "salmon knife" and it was way too small for those big kings.....can't bring myself to buy the right one. By the way someone it that group took my brothers long yellow rain coat, wondering if we could get that back. Spoons and Flasher/Flys, green colors, 110fow, mostly north. Great Flat night!

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