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Well I will throw my report up even though it is similar to the ones already posted. Kind of a weird weekend for me. Ran south Friday morning and fished 35-45 fow. Tons of bait but couldn't get them going. Around 6:30 finally took a fish in the light (no early bites) and by 9:00 we were on our way in with 9 nice fish. That night went out and hit one right away and lost it in deeper water. Went three hours without a hit so moved back into shallow water. Finally at 9:00 the fire drill started and ended up 7-11 by 9:30. All big kings. Saturday morning fished the circus out front going 2-5 both slobs. Passed on Sunday. Monday morning started in close. All the traffic and cold water I said screw it and ran 15 miles. Didn't get set up until 7:30 and could stay hooked up. Ended up 5-16. Overall good weekend.

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Maddie dog,

when u went south and fished skinny what was your best rod and bait and if you where taking fish on dipsies how far back and on what setting?

Thanks Nutz

We fished in 40' last weekend and did great on a wire diver, set on 3, 35-45' back with a mongolian beef MS. That spoon has been on fire for us this year.

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