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Newbie from Central Indiana

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Newbie to fishing the great lakes. I am an avid (addicted) striper fisherman. I am generally on the water 2-3 days a week.

Two weeks ago a friend offered to take me and my wife up for salmon and greasers. Well you all know how that ended up.. I have already bought dipsy divers, flashers,spoons,flies and lord knows what else.. Oh a new magnetic compass for the boat. I will be fishing out of a 19 foot aluminum deep vee with a 115 horse mercury 4 stroke. yes I already have a vhf. I have 3 manual down riggers and one electric.

Striper lures are CHEAP compared to what it takes to fish for these fish.

We are planning one more trip out on my buddies boat labor day weekend.. Then the weekend after I will be taking my own boat out for my maiden voyage on MI.

Great site you have here, a lot of great tips so far.

Name is Eric Enk, Boat is named "a sales call" I am 45 years old married with three kids. The youngest is attending Hanover College this year.

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Eric I am a new one for both the striper and Lake Michigan. have a new lund tyee 1850 175hp merc and 9.9 pro kicker. I fish monroe, raccoon, and will lake michigan this month. Perhaps we can hook up. I am 59 3 daughters all gone. work a swing shift and fish mostly during the week.

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fish are allways going to be cheaper at the super market sea food department just not near as fun to bring home

The fish is not the only one that can get hooked in this game




these guys started like this and now what?

they keep taking my boat and some how i have to keep putting gas in it

but you know what thats OK as long as they take me along most of the time





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