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Sorry for the late report here are most of the details i can remember

Wed. fished the pm lake from 1130am-1pm didnt take any hits only 3 boats on the small lake and one boat caught 3 long lining deep thuindersticks.

Thurs. a.m. Had some buddies come in from missouri to break them in on salmon fishing they got to the dock at 6 and we where fishing by about 7. set up at 59.8 in 100 fow and with in 10 min. had the Big Weenie rubber poofster 205 back on a high braid walker mag diver(3 setting go) landed about an 18lb. king, #2 came on a Big weenie meat rig nfn uv 215 back on mag walker(3 setting) a 17lb king. Both these came before 745. At 9 am up in the 02's took another king about 10lbs 61 down on a rigger on mag flounder pounder. 30 min later Big Weenie rubber poofster went again 225 back another 10lb king. Finished the morning at about 1030 going 4 for 4.

Thurs p.m.: went back to the north and set up in 100 fow working towards the stick fished primarily from 02's-03.5's from 100fow to 140fow ended the night going 2 for 4 can't remember all the details( little too much alcohol).

Fri a.m.: went to the north again pretty much worked the same water as thurs night ended up going 5 for 7. Big Weenie meat took a 20lb 10oz. king and a 15lb king 225 back on high diver as described above. third came on a full core with a mag mongolian beef and the last two came on a silver streak magnum Walmart(uncle david and dennis from missouri are both truck drivers for walmart and had to buy it when they saw it). The walmart was 35ft back, 33 down for less than 15 min when it went a nice 12 lb. king when it fired the second time it was again in the same set-up and fired about 20 min later a nice twin brother to the 12 lber.

Fri p.m.: water was very cold to the north so we started fishing just south of the pierheads at about 6pm out in 80fow and worked in and out till about 8pm then put it on a north troll in 45 fow going across the pierheads ended up going 2 for 2 both fish coming between between 9 and 930. one came on a full core mag. mong beef(steelhead) and the other on a naked lady ace high plug 69 down on the rigger.

Sat a.m. we went back to the north this time starting in about the 04's in 80 fow and working up to the nets from 80fow out to 130fow we where 2 for 4 at 9am one coming on Big Weenie rubber poofster 225 back high braid mag diver(8lb coho) and the other on a blue bubble spin dr. 52 down on a rigger 50ft. off the ball(10lb. steelhead) At about 9 i looked out to the northwest and there where 3 charters working out near thwe shipping channel in 350-450fow and staying real close to each other and trolling real slow so i headed ther way and stayed inside of them about an 1/8th of a mile working the same direction. at 10am Big Weenie nfn uv meat rig 22 back on the high braid took off nice 20lb. king. set that rig back down and the half core with a mag. mong beef goes a nice 9lb. coho. get this fish in the boat and set the half back out and it gets tangled in the high diver meat rig twice in a row( what a mess) finally get the meat back in the water and not less than 15 min later it goes again another 18lb king. at 1130 just as we where ready to pull lines the 300 copper went with a wonder bread ace high plug a nice 10lb laker. Finished the morning going 6 for about 11 not sure of all the ones we lost but most of the hits where on BW probucts.

Sat evening pulled out of the pierheads and ran to the point to find 6-8 foot waves with an occasional 10 thrown in to keep me honest. turned around and headed right back south fished the pierheads out in 45 fow and had one hooked up on a glow blue spatter back 35 down on a rigger and lost it. trolled all the way into the pm while watching to sunset and took a 24" pike on a swr down the chute right out front of the municipal marina.

Ended the trip going approx. 19 for 25 with Big Weenie products taking about 10 fish.

Just a side note back in june while fishing a walleye tournament on lake erie i had a little side bet with a friend that happens to be a charterboat capt and stacked his team with pretty good fisherman. well we weighed baskets at the end of the tournament and i not only won thew tournament weighing in 5 walleye at 33lbs but then i beat his 23 fish basket against my 23 fish basket by 17lbs.(sorry Jamie had to finally put it on the net) I was really looking fwd. to a rematch in Ludington but i think someone was scared and sold his boat.lol!!!!!!!!

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Ya'll take advantage of Port Ludington these few short weeks left in August, the true Bonanza of sport fishing is just about to explode here with the most and biggest fiesty Kings of the season. Anyone whom hasn't been here yet, or not lately, come back and see for yourselves. Worth the drive from anywhere.

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