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Started out friday at 2:30 in solid 3-4s

19 lb king Yeck Jerid on a fixed slider about 41 down

14lb king JK Krystal Killer meat rig 47 down on rigger

18lb king same as above

6lb laker moonshine green jeans 120 back on a dipsey on 2

all fish caught on almost exactly the same waypoint in 168 ft of water right off the bath house.

Saturday while heading out the channel my temp gauge spiked (bad impeller?) so turned around to come back to the marina thru down a rigger and hit a 17lb king in the channel Yeck Jerid 19 down on a rigger, very interesting fighting the fish in the channel with all the traffic. First time fishing Ludington we went 5-5 in aliitle more then 5 hours of fishing time this port rocks!

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Green jeans was recommended to me too, and it didn't take long and it was doing what it is meant to do. Too bad about your impeller. Cheap and easy fix at least.

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I"ll try to throw up a pick of the Jerid spoon...nothing to special chartuse and fish scale silver with a "single dingle" (1 silver flipper) all I know is Capt Chucks was sold out of them. I ended up finding a couple at a tackle shop in Manistee

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Anyone got a pic of this Jerid. I dont seem to know what that one is, but am finding it in allot of reports lately. Seems like i should have at least a couple.

Yeah, I agree. Hear a lot about it, but it doesn't appear to be on their website.

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