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Cajun Coho


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Here it is:

Place your coho fillet on silver foil, sprinkle generously with your favorite cajun spice mix. Liberally pour creole marinade over the fish. Top the fillet with several pats of real butter, not the fake stuff. Seal fish in the foil and let set in fridge for about an hour or at least until you get the grill hot. Real wood or charcoal please, gas grills just don't cut it.

When fire is hot place fish near the coal but not on top. Cook for at least 10 minutes until foil pouch looks like it will explode. Slice open the top and fold down a bit and allow the smoke to infuse the meat for a few minutes. Take off and enjoy, and I sure did, the entire fillet for myself. MMMm MMmmmm..


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Looks fintastic and mmm good. Had a friend/business client that cooked us blackened salmon just a few weeks ago, never tried it, talk about gooooooood...lol. Seasoned cast iron skillet over gas high temp. flamed open cooker, blackened seasoning, not too heavy, scallions included, was that ever on cue for a change. Continue with potato salad/baked beans/coleslaw/garlic bread/toast. Sorry I missed this thread earlier, gotta look better. Thanks.

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