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Holy Cow !!! ...... We got out at 5am headed out to 300 just south of the harbor. Landed one big bow on a brand new blueberry muffin, his was so intent on getting off he curled the spoon in half. Cruised around 300 for a while and ran into sea fleas on the lines, those are a slimy pain. Not much going on out there other than the fleas so we ran into 180 a few miles north of the harbor. Three line set and things started poping fast. We had a hard time getting the all the lines set. After 3 fish we finally got all 9 set. We had several fire drills today....3 doubles and almost a quad. What a blast. We stayed in the 180' to 160' range trolling north mostly and following a scum line of algae covered alewifes. 2,3,5, and 7 color all getting action even the flat line 150 yards out the chute got one. Monkey puke, rotten banana, orange with orange ladder back, green dolphin were the hot spoons. 47' on one rigger 38' on the other and running 90' and 105' feet off the ball. Dipsey rods 100' and 140' foc with a #2 set on the dial. Green coyote dodger and green fly had multiple fish. Once again Brads cut bait plugs was our work horses for today. Silver and metalic blue cbp behind an all silver dodger and the wonder bread dodger with wonder bread cbp. Tuna in oil and garlic is down right deadly on these fish. The bows put on quite a show for us today, at least a dozen of them thought they could be part of the air show in Milwaukee. One big bow cleared over 6 feet of air dragging a 8'' dodger and fly, he spit it right at the top. It was awesome!! In the end we had over 40 hits and landed 20 fish, including 3 shakers that I was able to catch before they were dead and the last fish of the limit came as a double. One more as we were picking up the lines. Got them back in quick and happy.

Keep your hook in the water! :thumb:

Mushys Dad

63 fish in the box on 11 trips this year! I have very happy neighbors

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