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We went 5 for 9.. hit them on spoons, plugs, and meat rigs.. fished 70-130 fow and hit fish from 25-45 down.. and we hit one down 70. 23 pounder and 2 17 pounders.. then 1 laker and smaller king

What worked:

Braided dipsey back 100 with Mongolian beef. 3 for 3

160 copper with small white silver horde 0 for 2

Braided dipsey back 100 with green jeans 0 for 1

6 color with white ace high silver horde 0 for 1. (Snapped the line)

Down rigger set at 40 down with a silver flounder pounder 1 for 1.. ( 23 pounder)

350 copper with black mamba meat rig 1 for 1.. ( screamer 17 pounder)

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