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Holland Info - and Help?

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I could use some help....I am spending a week at a house on the north side of Lake Macatawa - for a family reunion. I will bring my boat down from Muskegon for the week and could use some help with....

1) Where is a good boat launch (24' Sea Ray) on the north side of the lake. I plan on keeping the boat at the small dock at the house (I think?)

2) Since i have no idea of the structure or fishing grounds around there - where should i target fish, and what are the landmarks I should use to find them?

Any other help would be great - thanks in advance!!! Jim

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1) The best launch on the north side of the lake is the DNR launch on Ottawa Beach Road between Anchorage and Yacht Basin Marinas.

2) There is no real structure to speak of (at least that I'm aware of). Places to start looking for fish are in 80'-110' in front of "the sliders" south of Holland. The sliders are dunes with no trees on their face so you can see white sand. The other place to look is in the same depth of water in front of Tunnel Park. Tunnel park is north of the channel and is harder to spot. It's about 2 miles north I would say (someone else want to chime in?) There's quite a few people on here that fish out of Holland and post reports. I'll be out this weekend and will have reports up.

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Jim, the north side has the DNR ramp sandwiched between anchorage marine and yatch basin. You really cannot miss it. There is also a great fish cleaning station across the road from the ramp.

As for landmarks/structure there is not much out there for structure. Landmarks vary if you want to go north or south. A lot of guys fish south between Holland and saugatuck. Others go north and use the port Sheldon power plant stacks for reference. With the weather and waves we will have to see where the fish have moved to..

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If using the DNR launch mentioned above, head south a ways before turning for the channel. There's a big sand bar on the north side that sticks out quite a ways - it's got buoys on the end of it. Watch the no wake zone as you get to the channel end of the lake - the cops do.

There's no structure to speak and the lake kind of rolled last night, so the fish are scattered.

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