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8/1 shallow again

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went out of sebewaing last night and got set up at 530 in 9 fow off the back of defoe island and had another excellent fish in the shallow water. I love fishing the shallow water it makes things so easy. We ran the same program crawlers on the slow side and tots on the fast side, ended up bringing in 19 fish, 1 short of our limit. Had some nice fish mixed in with the 17 to 20 inchers, had prolly 5 or 6 fish over 22. Pink and white harnesses continue to produce good fish as well as black an silver tots, or all pink tots. The water depth ranges from 7 to 12 off the back of the islands due to the extensive reef systems, which is whats keeping the fish there i believe. Also caught a few jumbo perch in the 13 to 14 inch range which suprisingly bite on the tots, also caught alot of junk fish but its worth it.

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What i mean is when your trolling theres always a fast side and a slow side which means one side is pulling harder than the other side, i always try an run my hot n tots on the fast side and the crawlers on the slow side. You can tell which side is which by how the boards are pulling.

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