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Ludington July 28th am

First let me say Big Weenie has absolutely rocked for me. This morning we set up in 90fow at the 00's worked our way north and had good temps at 45 down 49 deg. worked all the way up to the 04's our best depth was 110-120 from 03-04's. First fish came on a full core moonshine happymeal jplug. #2 was the big weenie rubber poofster combo 205 back on a high braid diver.#3 came on a big weenie meat rig(kind of a greenish color)225 back on a high braid diver.#4 another rubber poofster same as above but 225 back.#5 mtn. dew spin dr. with green mirage fly on a low diver 91 back.#6 came across someones floating lead core that got tangled in my high diver got my gear in and started cut the twists out and found a 12lb. king on the other end that i hand lined in. ended up save almost the full core and got a nice spoon a silver streak half silver half mixed veggies. had a great day for us ended the day 6 for 7 with a several other licks. Big Weenie rubber poofster combo took 2 fish today and the miss and had at least 4 other licks. the b.w. meat rig also had at least one other lick. I also need to warn everyone that the net bungee is garbage. i picked up 2 of them at the birch run show and both of them broke as soon as the first fish hit the net after they where installed.

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