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rough morning out of holland...23rd

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Well, as Kevin mentioned, it was a rough one out there. 3rd times a charm I guess. Finally made it out on our 3 time and stuck with it in the 5 footers...

I can't seem to keep a fish on lately... 1 for 5 today. Nice steelie in 45 fow... yep, on our way in, marked a TON of bait piles in 40-50 fow. Pulled him in on a glow fire dog jp slammer set on a slider, rigger at 35.

Had 4 nice rips from 80-115. Couldn't keep them on.

Blue bubble ripped back 150 set on 2 braided dipsy

Hippy something JP slammer had a rip 150 back set on 2 braided dipsy

glow frog on 300 copper ripped twice.

last 2 times out I have been batting like Inge. Gonna get sent down to the minors if I keep this up!!:mad:

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Sometimes you get the fish, sometimes the fish get you. It seems like theres a few reports on here now though that hook up ratios haven't been so great. Fish could be just slappin at baits. We were out Thursday night and lost the first 4 hits, missed a few more throughout the night, but finally managed to put some in the boat. 8 of our 9 fish came unhooked in the net, only took the pliers out once. Just my 2 cents.

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