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Left the pier a little before 4am set up a little south of the filter on a NE troll in 55 FOW, hit some quick action in 72-75 FOW and got welded down for 3 hours. Fish were marked EVERYWHERE and the surface temp average upper 50’s versus 68 this past Sunday.

Fishing off the bottom produced the fish, Spoons which took fish were wonderbread, hot lips and MGD. Caught a shaker on a green fly being twirled by a mtn dew hot spot… Marked a lot more in shallow versus deep, thermocline was averaging upper to mid 40’s about 30 down.

Although the boat is now referred to as the Salmon Assassin, today I was the greaser assassin... End 4-6, 2 big lakers, 4 year old chin, and a shaker king.

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