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With a lot of poor reports recently I thought I would try deeper water in hopes of success. Powered out in the dark to 200 FOW and trolled east. Missed one to 205' on a FF dipsy and the rods went dead. Trolled to 290 FOW before heading back west. Picked up a coho on a Pro King MGD spoon on a 5 color in a 158 FOW and that was it. Found some interesting temp brakes but couldn't get it going today. From radio traffic I was lucky to catch one compared to some boats....

Fishing is tough right now and who knows what this heat wave is going to do.... The highlight was fishing with my mom for the first time. Atleast she got to catch one....

Dragged tuna, coho rigs, spoons, flies, and j plugs today trying to find something to work. Any suggestions?

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