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Set up in 55FOW with a northeast troll, picked up the first fish which was a king pushing 20# in 61 FOW on a mountain dew spin doctor dragging a Howie double glitter frog fly on a 5 color. That rig would claim all fish yesterday. Trolled out to 90 feet of water and came back in to 65 FOW. Pecked a couple coho along the way and finally a laker. Finally pulled lines in 140 FOW with shallow being the best.

Went 5-9 with two additional drive bys. I don’t count it as a miss if the fish is off before the rod is pulled from the holder…. The moonshine wonderbread took two hits on rigger but spoons were dead and without tuna I didn’t run any cut plugs.

First trip with the smart pilot and I don’t know how I ever fished without an auto pilot. All my projects which I had slated for the boat will be complete once I swap out the spreader lights with LED lights. Finally broke down and bought two spin doctors and after I caught 5 fish on one I think I will be buying a couple more. Talked to Captain Mike while cleaning fish and he only did 9 boxed so I don’t feel so bad…

Beautiful day on the water but there was a lot of boat pressure. Wednesday I will be back at it again…… Good luck gentlemen fair seas and full coolers...

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Nice Adam , think I saw you out there ,wasn't sure though . Saturday the boat traffic was unreel. We stayed out of the pack to the east and north . where the fish weren't .

Going to have to get there early and stick out my elbows to get the good spots.

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