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Finally got out for the first time this year, started about 4:00 p.m. and went n.w. to about 150 fow and trolled n to 230 fow to the stick, then stayed in 170-200 fow until dark. Went 5 for 5 with 3 Kings the largest being 14# and two decent sized lake trout. All kings came on cut bait using a Black Mamba Glow flasher with red head and teasers. The Lakers came on wire rigs, flashers and flys, no spoon bite. My coated wire to the probe broke, so we were without down temp and speed, but surface temp in 200 fow was 65 degrees.

One thing I have not seen before, up north by the stick there were baitfish all about 2" long floating dead or nearly dead on the surface, I don't mean a few there were thousands, everywhere you looked. Any ideas on cause?

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The coated cable broke during transport over to the lake, I leave the probe attached permantly, luckily I did not lose the probe. It was going to take too long to repair at the launch, and we were anxious to start fishing.

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I've heard that the die off we had in Ludington, is a normal thing for the lake.?

There was actually a good amount of riff in the past year about bird/fish major die off's. It happens often. It just doesn't reach the media often and when it does people go nuts thinking the end is near. If you search you'll find random news stories since news has been on the internet about mass bird/fish die offs. Its nothing new.

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