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another linwood limit

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Went again with Shawn "lewy149" on another site. 3 rd trip, 3 limits, we're doing good so far:lol: Set up N.W. out of LBM in 23 fow around 7:30 a.m, about 2-3 miles S.W. of bouy 1. Couldn't get 2nd rod in water at first. A ton of throwbacks(around 25), and had 8 fish fish by 9:30. Took more little ones and a sheep to sort through before 9 and 10 came to boat. Done by 11:30. Was alot of boats out past us towards bouy 2, we stayed south of them. Sounded like everyone was getting fish, with bigger ones to the north. Seemed like everyone on the radio had a nice perch or 2, we got a couple of those also. Crawlers on bouncers on the bottom, and a few fish came high. 1.3-1.7 s.o.g., with a clown style blade being best producer, but everything had alot of fish on each. Just so many small ones, if you didn't have a fish on for 10 to 15 min., you better check because there would be either crawler stolen from short biters, or a throwback a draggin. A ton of fish out there, the future looks awsome!


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