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Had a great day out of Holland this morning, even though most of our fish came from the Saugatuck to the south. I lift the dock around 5:45 this morning with Side job and the Fishinmachine on board and set up in 90 fow and went on a sw out to 110 and fish that depth most of the morning and ened the morning around 10:15 near he Douglas point going 18 for 20.

The catch consisted of 2 Steel Head " one that weighed in at 18.73 LBS"

4 kings and 12 lakers , 3 that were released do to under size.

Hers the pics. of thecatch and what worked.


Kinda speeks for it self.


and these are.

Glow Ludington Mag.

Blue Glow shad mag.

Blue Sugar Mag.

and a uv. Blue Dolphin


Blue Dolphin Glow back


and a metalic Blue Glow Frog


And the catch


And the "beast" Man I wish it would have been my turn. This big dude is at the Taxidurmist as we speek.:thumb: Great job Guys!

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Nice job. Thanks for sharing the lure pics & depth info on the catches. This is awesome for someone like me who doesn't get out on the lake too often. Can be very helpful.

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Very nice --- we picked up 8 lakers 1 salmon and a 14 Lb steelhead in about the same water. We set in at 90 fow and fished south from the ball about 5 miles than turned and came back. Caught fish both ways.

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