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Plugs vs Spoons

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Fish out of Frankfort

When I set my spread, I usually make a decision that I am going to fish a spoon spread or a plug spread. If I am fishing spoons it is usually all spoons. If I am on plugs, maybe one spoon in the spread. I might have one fly/squid combo out, but usual not more than one until the coho are starting to stack up.

Questions: Is this the norm or do you mix your spoons and plugs? When do you start going from spoons to plugs? Is it depth, water temp, time of season or just reports of fish starting to be caught on plugs that causes you to switch over?

I seem to find that as the season progresses from sometime in late July or August I am fishing with plugs more than spoons.

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we fish out of ludington alot and we have mainly run all spoons this year so far. Although last year we did end up running some plugs. Last year we started with spoons and then later in the year we had alot of success with flasher fly combos. (Alot of big kings on the flasher fly). By the end of the year we usually had at least 2 of all the baits out. (spoon, plug, fly) We know a guy in Franfort that does VERY good and he seemed to hit them all year with the moonshine bad toad spoon, and flasher flys.

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I think your question is - when you switch do you switch everything.

I guess it depends on the bite.

They always say - figure out what they like and give thema ton of it.

Personally, I typically run spoons, switch to mags, throw a few plugs in the mix in the fall.

I have never run an all plug program.

That's not to say it doesn't work.

Might be interesting to try.

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Welcome aboard Evans. The flasher/fly, and Plug bit really gets going after the June slowdown. When the plug bit is good, the flasher bite is as good. Our summer spread will consist of f/f on all 4 divers. Plugs on the long lines. Ether f/f, plug, or spoon on riggers. The spoons we run then would be some extended glow spoons, that come off after the morning bite. I think the Glow spoons out produce the Plugs in the predawn, but plugs and f/f are better when the sun is up.

Of coarse this is for our warm waters of Lake Michigan, and might not be the same for you.

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The plug bite is there especially mid July to run time. The light colored glows seem to go the best in the low light. The glow ghost and similar will get it done. Evans, A warm welcome to the GLF site. I'm looking forward to your reports. Love it @ Frankfort.

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