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Left the dock a little after 5 this morning and powered out to 100 FOW and set gear on a NE troll, riding the nice swells. Didn’t get touched until 185 FOW and that was only a hit and run on a capt dougie 2 color board. Kept it east and starting picking up action past 205 FOW with action ending in the 230’s. Swung back and picked up a couple more. The 5 color 00 dodger green peanut and mono dipsy set 45 LOC 00 dodger with purple and green peanut were the best rigs. Took a small king on a rigger happy meal set down 51’.

I would not recommend fishing from the harbor to 63 FOW as the MMSD decided to dump into the lake again. Past 63 FOW water wasn’t brown anymore. Surface temp outside the main gap was 68 degrees, mainly 52 degrees in 200 FOW, 45 degrees down 50’. West winds / rain brought a lot of debris out, be cautious for floating trees out there.

Ended 7 for 12, two kings, a really nice rainbow, and 4 cohos. Pulled lines at 9:45am so I could make court on time, otherwise I am confident another pass through would have yielded a two man limit.

Had some big marks down 100’ and saw fish breaking the surface, as the bugs were plentiful. Tomorrow’s plan is to get a rigger down nice and deep and also run a flat line… Didn’t seem like anyone was doing anything shallower than 125 FOW.

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Nice job let us know how you do tomarrow. I'll be out 4 times this weekend so hope it's good.

full for the weekend Russ, let me know how you do on Saturday.

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