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West Siders Hit The Bay.

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I had the extreme pleasure to fish again with Sea Mac, Somethin' Fishy, Tall Tails, Tyler, and Zach. Tyler and Zach reeled in all 21 of the walleye. This trip was about kids. What worked for us was 2 oz bouncers and harnesses. We fished from 28-39 FOW. The fish were from 15 feet to the bottom at 8:00 AM but the higher fish went deep after 10 AM. 1.5 MPH was best speed. TG for a nice day on the Bay with good friends and kids. The trip started slow with a stiff NW wind. The wind eventually laid down as it did an about face and swung around to the SE. during that transition we capitalized on a 45 minute flurry of action and boated most of these fish. When the wind started to build out of the SE it was like someone flipped a switch. I enjoy every minute I spend on the Bay, but the 2 kids really made my day. Glows, Chartreuse, and Purple were good. Thanks Tom, John, Mike, Ty, and Zach for making my day. I will be out of action for awhile and hope I'll be able to fish again this year. :) Oh!!!! Two bonus perch in the mix. The Bay's future looks bright because we threw back about 20 sub-legal fish.


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I found you hiding over here. Wished I had gotten a call to go along. I enjoy watching the kids have a great time. Maybe next year when I have some funds for fuel. Love our economy.

Anyone need a "rider" while Frank is down...let me know please.

You need any help around the house while you're down, call me Frank.;)

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Nice job Frank. Hope everything goes well with the surgery. Will have to start frequenting this site a little more to catch up on your reports:D.

Good job on the Eyes Frank you are the guru of Augres.


Like that handle Ralph:grin::grin::grin:

Good luck on the surgery tomorrow Frank and prayers are with you.

Give me a call when you need some help on the boat.


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