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Muskegon with the dog 6/11

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After going 1/7 last Sunday, I knew I needed to get the bad spirits out of the Tiara. I made 1 minor change to the boat, and one big addition. I brought Terry on board the do some magic, and that he did. We fished Muskegon about 3 miles North, in 75-100 fow. The bait balls where every where, and the kings where feeding. We finished the day going 23 for 32, with the shakers and Trout (only 2 of those) going back. Every thing was working, but the stuff that targeted 40-50' down dominated. 32# copper in the 200, and 250' lengths where smoking. Silver Streak Miami Dolphin as a slider just kept hammering fish. Started with a glow spread, and ended with a Silver Streak spread.


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