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hi all. My name is mike. i am new to this type of fishing. i been out 2 times in boat and landed 7 fish so i cant complain either. :) i am looking for a store that has the apex trolling lure or the gibbs hockey stick in southern ontario. thanks Mike

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Mike's been advised where to get his Apex on another site. I also advised him of some of the top colours for Lake Ontario. Apex were the first salmon lure I bought some thirty odd years ago, long before I became the Ontario Pro Staff for Hot Spot. They're still the most consistent lure I have & I've got most of the makes available. I'm a 5.5 man but the chrome/green scale in the 4.5 is a killer. My top producers in the 5.5 are Chartreuse Haze, Rocket, Stinnson, & the glows are Glow Jelly & Glow Bug.

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