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What a great weekend of fishing, I left the dock around 6 am with 3 good friends and headed out to 120 fow south of the harbor and set up on a south west troll.

While the action was not as fast as it was yesterday we still managed to end up 16 for 20 with 15 kings and a laker, 1 king was let go do to being a shaker. The best depth was 225 to 250 with a north troll takeing the most of the action.

And heres the pics of what worked and the catch.


And these are in as follows.

Green Glow Tiger mag.

Smurfet mini

Pink Panties mag

Glow Ludington mini

Metalic Muffin mag

Glow Blue Shad mag.


Panty Ho reg.

Raptor mag.

Blue uv Mango

Veggie Delite

Black Chili Willie

and heres the catch.


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