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Had a great morning on the water , I backed of the dock around 6 am with no mo beggin , Fish Sniffer and my good freind Denise on board .

We headed out to 120 and set up on a sw troll and never turned around till we were in 240 fow south of Saugatuck.

We ended the morning going 23 for 30 with 17 in the box and 6 dinks released.

And heres a couple of pics of things that worked and the catch.


And these are from top to bottom as follows Pink Panties , glow mellow, Miami Dolphin , Smurfet, Metalic Muffin and Green Dolphin Glow back.


Supper Screw, Metalic Blue Glow Frog, Black Chili Willie and a Purpal Glow Tiger.

And heres the catch.


Thanks for comeing along guys , it was a blast.:thumb:

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