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South Haven Easter Sunday

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Fished out of South Haven on Easter Sunday for three hours. Fished south to power plant and back in between 25 & 40 ft of water. 2.5 mph troll.

Wound up 11 for 12. Three man limit on the Lakers, a 14 lb King and a small Coho.

(2) flat lines with thin fins on outer boards, (2) SWR (2 colors lead core) on middle boards with small orange killer spoons, (2) ½ cores on boards closest to the boat with magnum orange killer spoons, (2) down riggers set at 25 & 35 feet with UV blue dolphins spoons with mixed veggie sliders and a thin fin on a high line 300 ft back down the chute.

SWR took one fish, down riggers took three and the ½ cores took all the rest. Thin fins (red/tiger stripes & gold/pink) were cold as the water.




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Imbeded them pics
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