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West Mi. Fishing League share a ride.

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If you have an open seat, need another deck hand, or are available to fill a spot for the tournaments, post it here.

I will have a seat open from time to time, and I'm sure others will too.

I got this pm a few weeks back from Harperman9706

Harperman9706 said:

Not sure if your the person to contact but I'm looking to join a boat that has an open seat for the WMFL tournaments. Let me know if you hear of a crew that is short, I'm just a college student looking to learn more about the sport.



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Not sure if or how many tournament i am going to fish. But my main deck hand moved to the other side of the state for a job that has pretty much left him stranded with not much money to fish this year. I am probably going to be looking for a rider quite a bit this season when i get done in monroe after june. We split expenses (gas) equally and have a good time.

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I am Also looking to be a rider and split or enter my boat. I don't care either way. Not sure if I can get my regular fishing partners to commit. I think I am out the first league day but the rest of the summer looks good. Feel free to text or call 616-834-three723

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I've got a group of people that I call to see if they can fish with me, but I'm often looking for 1 or 2 people depending on who's available.

I've got 1 seat currently open for May 2. Go ahead and send me a PM if you are interested in fishing with me.


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Daughters available to rent as crew.

1. 11, rock solid dependability in all conditions. Has fished in 6' waves and spent an entire day hunting in 17 degree weather with a biting wind. Can drive a straight line on a tiller or console better than an autopilot. Has boater's safety permit. May talk excessively of "Daniel". Will demand crew share of payout if you win but seems not to have money come gas time. Has extensive resume dating back to winning her first tournament at four, several youth trophies including 4th in New Buffalo and sixth in kings and kings. Limitless supply of dry humor.

2. 8, fair weather fisherman. Due to a genetic disorder she is space efficient, good for smaller boats. Does not like waves and in particular going fast in them. Will work for junk food. Good with a net. Critical crew member in the June 2013 WMFL limit oh browns overwhelming victory and took 18th at kids and kings last year with a crazy steel on a seven color. Needs to be reminded to pee before you depart. Slight attitude problem until she warms up to you. If she does.

Rent one or if you dare both.

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