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Got some new imitation meat that the guys will be trying this week. Looks real good, smells bad so thats a plus. They will be shooting video of it to see how it pans out. Not selling it until it works but wanted to let you guys know.How many would be interested if it works? Also going to run a deal for guys from this site very soon. Thanks guys, BW

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OK guys, After going thru all the containers the one that smelled had herring oil added. The others have NO smell at all, no rubber or plastic smell nothing which I reeally liked. Almost had it up my nose, yea I aint right. It feels like you just cut a strip of a bait fish, very slippery.I dont want to say rubber, maybe like silicone. I was blown away how real this stuff feels. I always hear guys say fake stuff smells but not this. Guys will be running it this week. Hearing the same thing as always lack of bait but there always seems to be some. I do not like the salted so I think this is going to be great.I will keep you updated for sure and the video should help, BW

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