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Set up in the harbor and fished south. Fished from 12 to 27 FOW. The fishing action was good. As soon as we got set up they were going. Fish were comming on everything divers,high lines, 2 and 3 color leads. The first fish that we hooked ended up being a 27inch walleye. Ended the day with 4 lake trout, 2 kings one being 16 pounds, 2 brownies and a walleye. Ended the day 9 for 12

It was a 50/50 mix between spoons and plugs. Silver and blue jointed, black and silver, gold and black,brown trout all took hits. Stinger jaw breaker was really good, mixed veggies and hawg wild all took hits to. Lots of great fishing to be had out there. If you have a detailed questions please feel free to PM me.

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Good report Matt, How do you the 1st mate thing ?

I absolutely love it, watching a 10 year old girl catching a 27inch walleye and a 16 pound king in one day made my weekend. The craig said i was very well trained. He didnt need to show me how to to run the back deck, said its nice to have a first mate that you dont have to tell what to do every 5 min. I could of care less if i catch a fish i like watch people and help people do it.!! Living my dream!

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Great job matt . I too love to see others catch the fish. its right up there with catching them your self. I'll bet your captain just loves to have someone that can read his mind while hes driving.

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