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meat rigs

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I have very good luck running them just like any other presentation, where the fish are. I do run them slower than if I am running say Streaks, maybe 2.0 - 2.2gps, you just want a nice slow roll, not a spinning action. If your going to run meat, I find it best to load the spread and committ to it. My morning program last summer went like this: Start out in dusk with spoons, flasher flys, and plugs. Catch the hot bite with the above. Once the fast bite goes away, I start dropping the meat rigs to keep the bite going.

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Meat is the key from July on. I fish meat for fish that are out of temp and suspended. Normally you will see the fish about 10am quit biting and they will be in warmer water like 60 degrees. I concentrate one rigger with a 100' lead about 10' above the fish 2 wire divers about the same and 2 coppers as close to the depth your seeing the fish. My SOG is 2.1-2.5. The rest of my spread consist of plugs and flasher/fly and I'm fishing these in the cooler water looking for active fish. You will see the meat fish they will be living just above the thermocline you can't miss them those are the fish when it starts to get dark and they go back to hitting regular baits well good luck with it

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