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Copper and albright knot

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:mad:Hey guys wondering if anybody has had any experience with the Vicious brand 20lbs mono, I usually run Trilene, but my local supplier was out of big spools of 20lbs mono in Trilene and had been getting more and more of Vicious brand. So I bought the Vicious instead. Tonight when I was spooling up 2 more copper set-ups and tying the copper to the mono, using the albright knot, I was getting a weak connection at the knot and it would break when I tested the knot, using my two hands not putting it on something to test. Was wondering if I was doing something wrong or its the new line? When I tied the Albright I'm putting 10 wraps around the copper, tried only 6, 8 with the same results. Does anybody have any input? Thanks! :mad::(:mad::(:mad::confused::mad::(:confused::mad:

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Although the line probably is ok since it is new, it still is a good idea to check it. While I have never had a problem with an albright knot, it is absolutely necessary to make sure you lubricate it while drawing it down and be sure to alternate between drawing down the copper and drawing down the mono and make sure not to pull on the copper and push the knot past the loop in the copper. I have had to retie a few times but I never had it fail. I always wrap 10 times also. The rest of the guys here have me thinking about the swivel because it sounds like they have better clearance through levelwind guides and that can be an issue with the albright knot.

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Personally i wasn't impressed with the spool of viscious i was given at Jays last spring. It was 6 lb test and it was like using 4 or 2 lb test. I used it for brook and rainbow fishing small rivers. The only other line that i had problems with like this was berkly vanish wich i wll never use again. Not sure what the heavier tests are like. Based on that experience i wont spend the money to try it out either. I was going through spinners like never before. Went back to seagaur invisix and problem solved. I am now using the Seagar abrax. I read an article in a saltwater magazine where they were comparing flouro lines and they claim it was very similar to Gamma. It was actually the closet by their testing as far as line strength, knot strength, and abrasion resistance. the next closet was P-Line but i dont believe that either from experience walleye fishing. I wish i would have torn the article out. It was in an article at the Docs office and i haven't been able to find it since. They compared about 6 different flouro lines. I want to try the blood run stuff but its kind of pricy. I tried the Abrax last year on a couple rods and it held up comparably to my other rods with the last of my gamma on them. Yozuri was in with the abrax pretty neck and neck. I bought the abrax as it was availble easier when i needed it.

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