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Do you ever get the feeling that other people might be alot smarter than you??? With all this nasty weather out there, I thought I saw a window in the weather where we might be able to go fish St. Joe yesterday. Well, I was right on the weather. It actually wasn't too bad, and we got out for 3 or 4 hours. The waves were a little big out past 40' of water, but closer they were fine.

Now for the bad part. There wasn't a single boat out there, or even trailer in either the St. Joe launch, or the Benton Harbor one. That should've been the first clue..... Basically, it was the old skunk-a-rama. Started about a half mile north of the pierhead and worked our way down south about 4 miles south of the piers. Anywhere from 18' to 45' of water. Tried our usual stuff from body baits to spoons to flasher fly. Fly lines, 2 color, short dipsies, riggers down to 25'. We had 2 bites on planer boards, but didn't even get them near the boat.

Other than that, it really wasn't bad with the weather until about the time you go under the first bridge there in St. Joe. The monsoon came and we got soaked in a very short time.

Better luck next time, and I gotta remember that it was still better than being at work.....

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The water was pretty muddy. I couldn't find the river plume at all. Heck, I couldn't even find the temp difference where there should've been one with the river. I know the temp changed right outside the pierheads but I was too busy setting lines to notice exactly where, and then when we went by it again we were a little deeper and there wasn't a temp change at all.

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