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Size 000 Spin-n-glo (super sized)

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I ordered some of these directly from the mfg and didn't realize how big they really are. (2 1/4"). I know there are a few other threads out there about spin-n-glos but they really don't talk about which sizes to run.. Are these too big to put a treble on and run behind a dodger? I have heard that lakers will take a large bait..

What sizes are you running? 00,0,2,4??

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just wanted to add some of my experience to this thread. I landed over 50 lakers this year, (plus another 20 my guests landed, yes I kept track) and except for 2 or 3 fish all bit on the large 000 size spin n glo.

I have the smaller sizes too but they caught all sizes of fish , I was hoping to avoid the smaller sized trout by using the large spin n glo but it didnt matter.

I usually pulled them behind a PM gang troll or a Grease Trap

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