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We brown fished early in between the bars to the south and went 1/3. I then switch over to coho gear to finish our limit. Found the fish in 25-35 fow from Center St on south. Ended up 16/20ish. Let 2 large lake trout and a few coho go before we called it a day. Best baits were thinfish on 2-3 colors of lead and spoons on riggers down 10-12 feet. Browns were after pearl Bombers and a small blue/silver spoon.

Tight Lines

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Jim, I was about 2.5 miles south of the piers. There is a small point that comes out off of Douglas. I would start just south of that point and head south for the coho.

I am aware of the rule change on the lakers. Just prefer coho for eating.

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