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Got out in the evening for a nice troll. Wind had the lake rolling down from the N/W so trolled south from the pier heads to start. Picked up one brown on the way down, but after about four miles I turned back to the north for better boat/speed control. Picked up two more chunky browns on the way back up, and one nice bonus 9 plus pound walleye just outside the pier heads. Everything on long lines on inline boards about 150 ft. off the boards. Silver, F/T and gold floating Rapalas took three, and a blue/silver thin fin took another. Nice to be on the water again.


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Here is a pic of the walleye caught by my friends son. I had my friend, his son and his father fishing with me that day. Pretty cool to have three generations all together fishing. But that's what it's all about isn't it.


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