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Just letting you guys know about a computer virus that's going around that I unfortunately got. I got a popup that said Windows Internet Security 2011 that did a fake scan and said I had all these viruses on the computer. Well the truth was that that popup was the virus and when you clicked on it...your screwed. I quick tried to exit out, run my virus protection, go into safe mode, etc nothing worked. I had to take it in to get it cleaned up and cost quite a bit but at least it's better.

Just letting you guys know and reminding you to back EVERYTHING important up. I had applications for school stuff and a lot of papers that I needed on it and am lucky to have them back. I think I was more concerned about the few thousand trail cam pictures;)

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Was it the one with the red x that shows up in the icons?

If it was and if anyone ever gets that one (pretty old malware scam) this is what to do.

>shut down >restart in safe mode (tap f8 repeatedly on start up) > download malwarebytes and scan computer with it.

Scanning with AVG or Avast won't fix it...

Malwarebytes - free


You actually had a fake virus. If the guy you took it to really charged "quite a bit", you got taken for a ride.

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This is a newer one i have removed it a bunch of times since christmas. There is also one that is called micrsoft security essestials 2011. They are essentially the same program. If it has the 2011 after the security essentials it is the virus. Problem is, is it looks just like microsoft security essentials a valid virus removal program. Maleware byts works well to remove it. But you must also run rkill before you run maleware bytes to kill the processes first so it doesn't leave keyloggers behind. Once that is done run ccleaner to remove all the fake .dlls that are installed and created by the maleware.







these are secure sites and safe to go to. We install the licensed full copies at the shop when we clean a system. The free copies do the same thing just without the real time scanning.

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