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How much backing


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hey richard

i dont know for sure, but i was told 200 ft. but i would wait on a few more posts. didnt know about useing mono as a backing to stop slipage. and i use the small diawa accudepth plus 17lc and sealine17lcp with 65 lb test for my lite bite slide divers(dipsy,s)so i didnt have alot of room to spare. and it was slipping. so i sent them to tuna tom at tunas reel troubles. and he put pins in my arbors. so i dont need the backing anymore. i only fish walleye on the central basin of erie. so i only run 240 ft of line out at the most. but i only put about 500 ft of line on my reel. good luck....sherman....

PS you might give tuna tom a call at 231-907-0052 and ask him. he,s always willing to help everybody. thats where i get all my reel repair done.

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Welcome to GLF Sherman!

Richard, you don't need much to get the mono to bite and stop the braid from slipping. i have never measured how much I put on but it is enough to cover the bottom of the spool a couple times. If I had to guess I would say 25 to 50'.

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I tie direct with braid then wrap a couple inches of electrical tape. Never had a slippage issue. I would think 150 YDS. absolute min.Then as much as possible. Seen some foul hooked kings that went for miles it seemed with a J Plug hook in mouth and other hooked in side. Just my .02.

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