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Took a new guest out of Soha this morning. Set lines at 8:30. At 10 we were 11/11 with a couple short pull backs that didn't hook up. Let 3 of the smaller lightly hooked fish go, switched over to natural lures to look for a brown. No dice, bite slowed a bunch after the change but we still pulled two more nice coho to box out.

Fish were not as fussy today, and ran a little bigger. Had one choad of a coho that was a tick shy of 4#. Thin fish, thin fish, and more thin fish, gold and orange being the best.

Looking for a crew tomorrow, only going to check here one more time otherwise Mr. Ash will be filling the front seat with me. Man that sounds rude to Dave, as he's actually quite an accomplished guest and I would recommend him to any one.

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