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Set lines just south of piers at 9:45, 20 FOW. Trolled down to Concrete retaining wall with two hits and one fish in the box. From there south about 1/2 mil and back and around a few times we boated 20 more. Picked up six of those trying to get lines out of the water after #15 was in the box. Gave the extra fish away since they were in pretty sad shape. Must of have hit a big school just as we were wrapping up, had four on at once. Fished from 10 FOW to 22 FOW. 4 flat lines back 100' off big boards and 4 riggers back 50'. Most fish came on thinfin red/black squiggles but gold/red thinfin took some, red/black hotntot took a couple and a tadpolly with red with black dots took a couple. Wrapped 'em up at 1:00 PM. Water temp was between 33.8 and 35. Sure wish I could get back out there tomorrow! No ramps yet at the BH DNR launch.


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Gonna put the boat in the water tomorrow. The MC2 will be at Brians Marina in St Joseph this year. Give us a bump will pass along any info we can cell# 2699294221 or call on channel 68. Finally ready to go for another season of Silver slabs.

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