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Hit South Haven Tuesday morning. Had the dialed in turned up a little higher than Saturday, which was good, as I was up against a time window to get back home. So I focused on the coho instead of trying to mix it up.

Had 6 in the box in less than an hour, then it went cold. Two baits were hot, so we checked them, only to find grass on one and a small coho hooked in the nose swimming behind the other. Once we cleaned that up, we boxed out fairly quickly.

Need a crew to hopefully repeat the above on Friday. See the "Looking for a Rider" section for details.

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Gold / orange has been good, color more than plug type. 2.5 mph give or take, ~ 20' of water. Nothing out of the ordinary for coho.

Odd part was this time they were not concentrated in the muddy water, but were scattered up and down the coast in little pods. We had three doubles.

Forecast for Saturday keeps getting uglier and uglier for those of us in row boats.....

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