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Looking for a little input.


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Sorry about not following up on this better.

Phil is write , the one that took place in june last year was a lot of fun ,but only 3 boat shode up. The one in July in Manistee was also a lot of fun and the responce was much better.

I would still like to do one or two yet this summer , im thinking weekend camping tipe thing in the northern ports between Ludington and Frank Fort." more Manistee becouse im not much for all the traffic in Ludington.

So lets here some idias ,.

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Sounds great, I'm in! Just need a boat ride:lol:. Its all in the planning and keep updating the posts. Should be able to get quite a few people on that side. I've done quite a few on the sag. bay forum of another site, and could help if you need it, just say the word and pick a place and date:)....Ralph

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There's also cheap camp sites at the Ludington marina I'm at too, very near the slips. I'm in a quieter secret spot that isn't so heavily trafficed too. Thanks.

Are you at Thompson's Ed ? I have slipped and camped there in the past.

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I'm in if at Ludington, my calendar is full every weekend from July 9th to week after Labor Day with crews and the tourny at Ludington. If at Manistee, I'd try to make it up for a get together after fishing depending on the weekend and who's on my boat. Some just fish and leave and some hang out and we go golfing or party in the afternoon.

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Planning on Manistee Trip from 8/5-8/8. If anyone is interested in trading numbers and info when they r up lets post em. Had a great trip last year and nice to be able to talk to fellow members. Hope the weather cooperates.

I believe we may camp 1st night or 2 then on bigger boat.

Time to crack that 20# mark :grin:


Nee Hi


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