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Grandson's first fishing expierience


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They say, take a kid fishing....I did that today. I was very proud to take my son and grandson out ice fishing today. He is 3 1/2. The morning started out well, we got holes bored and he and I sat down to start fishing while my son bored more holes. My plan was to just sit in one spot with my grandson and introduce him to the sport. Man are we ever bundled up for the cold!


He was doing pretty good, but as all toddlers do he became curious of his srroundings, saw his daddy fishing outside of the shanty and wanted to see him.....well when he turned around he walked right into one of the holes...fell in to his knee.....boot and sock soaked. So my son takes off the boot and tries drying it over the heater.


So, we are back to fishing, and drying.


Look at the bend in that rod! Aiden is hooked up with a monster and he is reelin like crazy....not realizing his dad is holding the line and jigging the whole time. Hey, it gave the little guy something to do and we could keep fishing.


And finally, after a tough morning of reelin and fallin in the hole, he was plumb tuckered out.


We caught zero fish, not even a bite....but this was a proud day for me....3 generations out fishing and enjoying each others company.....and that's what it's all about for me!

Thanks for looking.

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