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new to this site!

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:Dthanks guys and galls, i usually fish the bay and have started to aquire some equipment for salmon, i have made a few trips out last year but previous to that i was always a rider. so its alot different!! i do recognize alot of names from the ms site and it will be good to talk with ya here instead of wanting too there, thanks for all the welcomes

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sorry...:confused: last post was still vauge im from central michigan, i fish 98% of the time on (big water) most of that as a "captain" in the saginaw bay , a few times in lake michigan (ludington) i used to fish ALOT out of frankfort with a friend when i was younger, the bay, from the mouth of the sag river to tawas, this summer im gonna try the east side a few times!!:grin: still trying to figure out some of the tricks here there are some pics on my home page nothing since the first few trips last march, i was fishing the sag river the first of march last year from the boat!! not this year!?

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