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ATB's with a twist


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Made up a batch of ATB's this past weekend for the football games. Everybody I know loves them except my kids. Thought I'd make a change to see if they'd eat them. Notice the middle plate.


This isn't the best pic but notice the inside, Apple Buffalo Turds.


Just did these on the grill with some weber char baskets. The best accessory ever for a charcoal grill. Set it and forget it! Keeps your meat off the coals and elimates flare ups. I throw some soaked hickory sticks on the coals too. Great for ATB's and chicken and pork. They also produce a nice even heat that browns your food nicely. Notice the cheese starting to ooze as they are almost done.


They turned out great. I still liked the regular ATB's the best but I wish I would have rolled up a bunch more apple ones. The wife and kids loved them, I thought they were good too. I just used apple slices instead of jalapenos. I cut apples in thirds and hollowed out the inside a bit. No other changes, I used a cream cheese, parmesan, mozzarella and a 1/2 smokey link inside. They didn't roll up as neat and easy but they cooked up fine. Here's the finished batch. The apples left them very mild which the kids liked. The apple bt's are on the right side in this pic.


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Yeah, a bit of fat fingers on the typing and I think I might need some glasses for reading. Thanks Tim.

Come on over Kevin, I know I'm cooking something good outside on the smoker or grill for the superbowl, maybe I'll fire up both of them.

Here is a better pictorial on how to make them. You can play around with the internal ingrediants.


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