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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for the long lapse in reports, but ive been a fishing machine for the past four weeks. Also had a stint, house, kid and dog sitting for my Uncle while he was hunting snows in Missouri...so, i havent been near a computer all that much.

Anyhow the fishing has been outstanding. Moved my efforts up to the standish area and really got into them up there fishing the 10-13' water depths. Probably the best fishing i seen the entire winter. Simply put, it was unbelievable.

From there i moved back closer to home and did a ton of fishing off the Linwood area. Did most of my looking from 15-17' range and had plenty of succsess.

Finished my season yesterday morning in 15' of water, the same hole for a week now. Started with an awesome sunrise and a limit within an hour. Despite a tough start it turned out to be a fantastic winter of fishing for me. I really am sad to see it go. But, with the temps and runoff its really become unsafe over the last 36 hours and as im sure many know there have been rescues last night. I knew when i was out yesterday morning that that was it. It was really changing right before my eyes....So, put up all your toys, and get the boat ready..it wont be long.

Heres a few pics, i have more to post later on.



Wills 10.4# beast...a personal best for this 14 yr old...WTG Will!!!:thumb:


A 7# eye caught from the confines of my Evolution Sabre Shanty


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Good Job Adam,:thumb: I new I should have went around to your side but soulda, coulda, woulda, never happend, my last trip on the 13th outa Hidden Harbor I got in to some but the bit was short about 15 minutes :confused: but I did manage 3 eye's and a 28" 9# lake Trout good looking fish :thumb:

So its over here too, but the boat got moved to the front of the shed last night, will be getting her ready wheather permitting first trip 4-2-2011 if the dock is in at port sanilac, long lines and screaming reels I hope :thumb:

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nice fish bomb, ive been thinkin the same thing was not able to get out but only a few times due to work and weather!? i pulled the rig out yesterday from storage, vacumed,washed and waxed her today, looking damn good! and both motors started right up good to go soon as i can get her to a launch!! running out of fillets for sure! good luck be safe!:thumb:

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