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The storm had me side lined for a few days, but fortunately i found an affordable sled for my fishing needs. Picked up a 340 Polaris Indy last Sunday.

Went out fishing on Monday. Headed out to the killing hole, pre storm anyways, hopign the fish would still be nearby....23' east of the black hole. Had a few fish around, nothing major. We bopped around in that band, not much doing. Made a radical move in 4 miles to the 21' break east of NP and leap frogged down it to the south. Very few marked. I only saw two infact and landed both. 1 keeper and i tossed it back as it just hit hte 15" mark. Three guys, only keeper of the day.

Took a few days off and rigged the sled a bit more to my liking. Would still rather take my honda four wheeler.;) Thursday night i head out to Walleye Base Camp, a 16'x16' fish camp we have off Linwood. Stay the night and Chris and I head out on Friday morning. Made a run east of 5 adn 6 bouy and set up. Nothing, moved back west fished the edge of the channel, in the channel and west of the channel. Moved up to the NW along the fingers. Brutal fishing. Only marked 5 between us, no fish caught. Make the 12 mile trek back to camp for lunch. Head back out in the early PM.

Set up in the area i did good pre storm as its had more promise than anywhere ive been. 23' east of Black Hole. Had fish down there, but they didnt wanna go. Change thigns up, but didnt seem to matter. Finally the witchin hour rolls around and they start to bite a bit. Landed 4, lost 2. Unfortunately i dropped one abotu 18" and wouldnt you know it it went right down the center of the hole to live another day.:rolleyes::no::lol:...AS if the bite was so good as to just send em back like that:no:...Ended the night taking home two nice walleye including this 24"er i caught on the new Northland Minnow Trap i tried for the very first time. Fish seem to like em.


Woke up Saturday morning to 20-30 mph winds and slept in at Camp. Went out in the PM, same location and marked 2 fish.:eek: 4 guys, 1 keeper 1 sub. Didnt fish on Sunday.

Conditions are still pretty brutal out there. Really is a sled or no go proposition. Quads if you want a heart attack or to practice your shoveling and winching techniques.:eek: The slush has been increasing rapidly and with this warm up has went to soup. Had a friend out last night and they burried their tracked 8 wheel argo. Didnt sound like fun getting that out.

Some pics from camp






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Nice pics AB. Hoping I can get the quad out a few more times this year. Hopefully the fish will move in closer. The last time out before the storm, we ran 10 1/2 miles to get on fish. I iced 6, but 3 of those were short. :confused: Even on a fairly good day, that's a long ride on a quad... Maybe I'll head out to the barn and put a coat of wax on my boat. :grin: CDAD

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Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the pics. Lots of fun had their for certain. Just like deer camp, but on ice. Good times.

Conditions are extremely sloppy out htere after today. First couple miles is very slushy adn then its spiratic after that. Quads are getting out, but working very hard and getting stuck in the slush. Guys are filling shanties with slush, its just a mess. I ran a good 40-45 on the way in and some slush pockets were so deep and wide id get bogged down to half that speed....Need it to run off and firm up...Ice is still great at 15-25". Crack at 4 miles is heaved, but negotiable...Fishing, so so. If ya land on some biters good, if on the lookers your in for a long sit.

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Started my day off with a text from Jeff from LBM at 7:20 am saying that camp has a lean to it, thinks the south end is through ice.(THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP BRO AND THE PICK AXE) Make some calls, guys are all hung over at Webbers...Fourth phone i call i get an answer...Ghost..Heeeeyyyyyyy Addddaammmmm, whats up. Im like Camp..its underwater!!!!...So, i get my gear ready and head out. First to arrive at seen and the holy chit moment hits me!..Its got a lean, its through the ice on bottom with a 30'x40' open hole that its centered in!...So, i make some calls, talk to FishorDie we're gonna have breakfast..Im like F that, get out here NOW!...So, just after i hang up Night Shift pulls up and i slip my waders on and went in the water to start the recovery. Didnt want to go in the water without anyone around incase something went arye. Got the firewood out and removed a bunch of ice bergs when the cavalry shows up. Got right after it. Ghost was first in and when he went in the entire shack went to the bottom. Now flat, we got to work. Removed two corner panels on the NE corner and one roof panel. Took out the bunks and notice the floor was trying to float up. So, we grabbed stove out everyone got out of the building. Its got bouyancy with the ice under it yet. So, we went to the south corner where the wind had it blown and hooked it with a pick axe. That along with some man power we got it up and the majority of the water drained off. As long as we held pressure on it it stayed up. Put some 2x4's under it and rested them on the ice. Hooked up two quads and pulled it up onto the good ice. Got it disassembled, hauled, miscelaneous items picked up and hole marked in around 3 hours.

So, 8 men, 5 pairs of waders, drills, prybars, ingenuity, 2 quads and yeti strength got r done...Hell of a morning boys, had a blast with you cats once again. What an adventure and memories to last a lifetime...Base Camp 2011 in the books!

So, if your heading out, theres a large hole where camp was. Its a good 30'x40' in diameter. We marked it with a couple pine bows and some 2x4's with caution tape around it...Also, many large holes between there and shore where water drained off. Be careful out there....This is all within the first 3/4 of a mile of shore from Linwood Rd to LBM...Cannot speak for anywhere else.

Read more at Michigan-Sportsman.com: Wally Base Camp 2011 - Page 39 - The Michigan Sportsman Forums http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forum/showthread.php?t=358664&page=39#ixzz1ES9jdsuJ












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...wish it was duck season,

Did see a diver out in the vicinity of 1 & 2 yesterday. Thought maybe it was a gull, but it was black and white. Hard telling how long it'd been there, looked to be in "good condition" but with cold weather there's no telling.

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fished the west side of the sag bay today....slow.... but at least i finally got out fished with some friends and went out to the plug .. then in a few miles and finished at the first crack or now the second crack, the ice was in good shape from 12 to 20 inches. there was a new crack out half mile that in the morn was 12 inches and after a bit of lookin crossed with no prob, the second crack with piles was crossed as well at about 4 miles out, the only prob was no fish anywhere!! we had a 5 man group and split up to search and still nothin? flashers and my camera could not find a fish. the wind built up out of the east and was DEFINETLY movin it west wich closed them up! out about 8 miles we hit a broken up OLD ice field and it was rough ridin! but one of the group brought the grill and we had brats for lunch mmmmmm. i have pics but cant seem to upload them? anywho after alot of searchin nothin hope it pics up, as i am closing on a new house and wont have time for a couple weeks, but that might be just the time they need. and if not i got the boat!! btw we were off of Erickson rd, although the ice we were on was good we skipped around alot of other STUFF so be carefull with the new snow it will cover it up so be safe and good luck

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Been on the ice allot lately coming down the home stretch of our season now that we're into march.:(

Anyhow, here some succsess as of late.

Wednesday limit. Moved all over heck and finally settled in 17' of water. Fish all over. Landed 7 legal fish for the night. Vex was lit up.


Thursday, same holes...marked very little.:confused: Moved around the surrounding area with a few fishing buds. I think we had three fish to show for our efforts and marked next to nothing.:confused:

Friday, fished south of Linwood in 15'. Landed 5 eyes, 2 keepers and a sheephead. Fish around all night, but they were small walleye for the most part.







Saturday, fished the same area as Friday evening, moved up to NP in 18', landed a whitefish and marked very little. From there made a big run north of the Pinconning Bar and fished the breaks up there. Anywhere from 17-23' of water. Landed a steelhead and three eyes, with two being keepers. An interesting outting with my odd catches. Pretty cool.




Added the last eye after dark so it made this hero shot at home:lol:


Sunday, fished with Dad. Got a real late start. Didnt get out till around 4ish so we didnt go far. Hit 16' off Linwood and got back into the nursery. Several short fish, but none for the bucket. Beautiful night out on the lake with Dad and we got the string pulled a little bit. All good.

Monday, Went to the south end of the bay to look around. Wow what a brutal trip. Only marked TWO fish for a half day of fishing.:eek: Never got the string pulled!:(

Not sure yet where/if ill go today. Wind is supposed to BLOW today.

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Tim, I was out yesterday went out of hidden harbor, tried for perch first NO fish :( the Ice was about 12" then went out to the south end of the slot about 14FOW and about 14-16" of ice still NO fish not a mark :confused: the ice looked good for the most part but, there is a crack thats not to good at the edge of the slot:eek: So my advice would be very careful if you go out:thumb: because I think in a week or so It may not be safe :eek:.

Heck its time to get the boat ready, Apirl is coming fast :thumb::cool:

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